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This is 3 licensed courses for the PTC mobile training app.  It includes a lifetime subscription to the Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy course, plus a one-year subscriptions to the Introduction to exocad course and the exocad Posterior Crowns course.  Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy contains the following sections:
  • Part One: Primary Anatomy
    • The Five Surfaces
    • The Basic Features
    • Simplifying Anatomy
    • Cusps
    • Two Unique Teeth
    • Ridges
    • Fossae
    • Dissectional Grooves
    • The Axial Surfaces
  • Part Two: Secondary Anatomy
    • Secondary Grooves
    • Auxiliary Grooves
    • Tooth Similarities
  • Part Three: Tooth Numbering
    • Numbering Systems

Introduction to exocad contains the following sections:

  • Part One: The exocad Database
    • Introduction to exocad
    • Job Definition
  • Part Two: Scanning​
    • exoscan
    • Workflow Integration
    • Third Party Scanning
  • Part Three: Design
    • Introduction to design
    • Rotation Tools
    • Preparation
    • Primary Contour
    • Secondary Contour

exocad Posterior Crowns contains the following sections:

  • Part One: Primary Contour
    • Preparation
    • Placement Correction
    • Free-Forming
  • Part Two: Secondary Contour
    • Virtual Wax Knife
    • Final QC
  • Part Three: Copings and Split Crowns
    • Offset Coping
    • Anatomic Coping
    • Split Crown
  • Part Four: Multiple Units
    • Preparation
    • Design
  • Part Five: Practice Cases
    • Practice Cases

The PTC Training App is available on the App Store. It includes a free two-part Introduction to Computer Aided Design course and our Visual Dictionary of over 1500 illustrated dental terms.

Your license key will be sent in a separate email.

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