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S-307 Greenstones
The Knife Edge Wheel Porcelain Contouring Greenstone is used for contouring porcelain.
S-309 Greenstones
The Large Tapered Cylinder Flat End Porcelain Contouring Greenstone is used for contouring porcelain.
S-311 Greenstones
Small Tapered Cylinder Flat End Porcelain Contouring Greenstone
S-313 Greenstones
Small Inverted Cone Porcelain Contouring Greenstone
S-315 Greenstones
Flame shaped Porcelain Contouring Greenstone
S-317 Greenstones
Small Square Edge Wheel Porcelain Contouring Greenstone
The ultra thin stainless steel blade is used for cutback of body porcelain for enamel application.
Speedy Separating Discs
These aggressive discs can be used on metal or porcelain. They are most useful as cut off discs as well as interproximal reduction of porcelain bridges.
T-101 Tapered Diamond (Medium)
This dental diamond is perfect for blending and surface texturing of posterior and anterior restorations.
T-101 Tapered Diamond (fine)
Used specifically to blend the contoured areas of anterior and posterior crown and bridges.
  • WC-1 Wax Carver
    The 1/2 Hollenback end is designed for carving full cast crowns. "A" carver end has a specially designed radius to form a 1.5 mm shelf on lingual bands and is ideal for carving perfect margins and interproximal areas on wax bridges.
  • Rim Former (autoclavable)
    The autoclavable Rim Former denture hot plate reduces the length of denture wax bite rims to establish ideal occlusal plane.
  • Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    For the first time, you can standardize your communication of all the features of posterior anatomy with the most commonly used definitions. This course has been used by our 1,700 laboratories world wide to get technicians and managers.
  • Simplifying Anterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    Developed for dental technicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists This course presents the fundamental information of anterior dental anatomy. Topics include the internal structure, anterior surface anatomy, and the 21 features of the a