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Nimbus 2
The Nimbus 2 porcelain application brush is designed for 3 to 5 unit porcelain cases.
Nimbus 3
This Kolinsky-synthetic porcelain brush is the smallest of our three porcelain application brushes, best suited for smaller cases.
Sidia Sintered Diamond Disk
This extremely long lasting and high quality sintered diamond disc is only .15mm thick, yet rigid enough to define the interproximal separations without bending or distorting.
Porcelain Margin Release Pen
The BDP Porcelain Margin Release Pen is easliy applied to the margin, for dependable release of margin from die.
#3 Carver
Use to carve anatomy on all surfaces and to carve the lingual surface of anterior teeth.
#35 FG Bur (10)
These burs are used for delicate carving including secondary grooves and fine characterization.
#37 FG Bur (10)
Used for carving developmental grooves on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth.
Anterior Diamond Wheel
A custom PTC contouring wheel designed to create softened primary planes on labial surfaces of anterior teeth.
Two in one porcelain tool used for the creation of crack lines and other subtle internal enamel features.
Cusp-Lobe/Opaque Application Synthetic Porcelain Brush
This synthetic porcelain brush is used for opaquing and general porcelain application.
Cylindrical Fossae Enhancer (Fine)
The barrel diamond shape is used to enhance primary planes on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth.
Cylindrical Fossae Enhancer (Medium)
The barrel diamond shape is perfect for enhancing the primary planes on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth. Available in course and fine grit.
D-201 Diamond Disc
.2mm flexible disc can be used for cutting and shaping porcelain interproximals.
External Effects Brush - Dental Ceramist Synthetic Porcelain Brush
This porcelain brush is used for fine line characterization and general staining.
Finishing Brush - Dental Ceramist Synthetic Porcelain Brush
A dental brush for final smoothing and condensing of wet porcelain.
  • WC-1 Wax Carver
    The 1/2 Hollenback end is designed for carving full cast crowns. "A" carver end has a specially designed radius to form a 1.5 mm shelf on lingual bands and is ideal for carving perfect margins and interproximal areas on wax bridges.
  • Rim Former (autoclavable)
    The autoclavable Rim Former denture hot plate reduces the length of denture wax bite rims to establish ideal occlusal plane.
  • Simplifying Anterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    Developed for dental technicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists This course presents the fundamental information of anterior dental anatomy. Topics include the internal structure, anterior surface anatomy, and the 21 features of the a
  • Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    For the first time, you can standardize your communication of all the features of posterior anatomy with the most commonly used definitions. This course has been used by our 1,700 laboratories world wide to get technicians and managers.