Ness Teeth

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Consists of a set of 20 three dimensional models that show all the proper cusps and ridges in the primary anatomy and the natural contours and grooves in the secondary anatomy. Each tooth is about the size of a fist, made of tough white epoxy that can be marked on and wiped clean, The full set of Ness Teeth consists of: 4 molars and 3 bicuspids in primary anatomy, plus 4 molars, 3 bicuspids, 2 cuspids and 4 anterior incisors in secondary anatomy.

When the proper cusps, slopes and ridges are formed in the primary anatomy, the natural contours and grooves of the secondary anatomy come easily. In the past, the only available study aids were sketches of primary anatomy planes. The Ness Teeth bring the third dimension to all the details of primary and secondary anatomy. Ness Teeth are a reference point  for the basics in full crown waxing, porcelain build-up, and porcelain contouring. Ness Teeth can help you make better quality restorations. Each tooth is six times normal size. Ness Teeth are the tools a master technician will use every day.

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