Contouring Posterior Bridges TechMaster Module (1 DVD)

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Based on the latest PTC training developments, this training module uses our step by step procedure side by side with new images.

Streamlined Procedure
Using model landmarks and measured markings, each action is pre-determined, giving you the easiest and most streamlined procedure for contouring beautiful ceramic crowns.


Add the Posterior Contouring Student Kit to speed your progress. This kit includes all the burs, diamonds, and stones used in the training module. Individual student workbooks allow multiple people to learn posterior contouring at the same time.

The Posterior Contouring Student Kit includes:

  • S-301 Greenstones
  • S-303 Greenstones
  • S-313 Greenstones
  • T-101 Tapered Diamond (medium grit)
  • T-101 Tapered Diamond (fine grit)
  • D-201 Diamond Disc
  • Cylindrical Fossae Enhancer
  • #37 F&G Burs
  • #35 F&G Burs
  • PTC Posterior Contouring Wheel
  • Speedy Disc and Mandrel

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