Contouring Anterior Bridges TechMaster Module (1 DVD)

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Step by step procedures to cosmetic restorations
The Contouring Anterior Bridges module takes the mystery out of high quality, cosmetic restorations. Step by step, with detailed images, matching illustrations, and demonstration DVD, anyone can learn how to become a marvelous ceramist.

Detailed Images
Each step is accompanied with matching images and video, giving you a rock solid understanding of each step.

Science of a Natural Smile
Building on the Anterior Anatomy and the Science of a Natural Smile course, learn the exact procedures for reproducing each of the 10 components of a natural smile.


Add the Anterior Contouring Student Kit to speed your progress. This kit includes all the burs, diamonds, and stones used in the training module. Individual student workbooks allow multiple people to learn anterior contouring at the same time.

The Anterior Contouring Student Kit includes:

  • S-301 Greenstones
  • S-303 Greenstones
  • S-313 Greenstones
  • T-101 Tapered Diamond (medium grit)
  • T-101 Tapered Diamond (fine grit)
  • D-201 Diamond Disc
  • #35 F&G Burs
  • Paraboidal Cingulum Refiner (medium grit)
  • PTC Anterior Contouring Wheel
  • Speedy Disc and Mandrel

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