Rim Former (autoclavable)

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The Rim Former is a specially designed hot plate used to reduce the length of upper and lower bite rims. The unique feature is a raised ledge which fits into the hamular notches of the upper cast. The ledge securely holds the rim former in the proper position to ensure uniform bilateral height while the rim former quickly and easily reduces the wax rim to the proper length.

The plate is heated, then the raised rim of the former is placed in the hamular notches of the upper cast and rotated into the wax until the wax rim is reduced to the proper incisal length. On the lower the raised edge of the former is placed half way up the retromolar pads then rotated into the wax until the desired length of the bite rim is achieved.

This method of forming the bite rims in conjunction with the use of the papillameter establishes an ideal incisal length and occlusal plane that eliminates posterior interferences in the try in and minimizes adjustments for the dentist.

The instrument can also be used for quick and accurate reduction of the buccal corridor areas distal to the cuspid lines.

Click here to download the Rim Former Autoclave and Sterilization Instructions PDF.

Product Features

  • Made from special alloy for uniform heat transfer
  • Insulated handle
  • Autoclavable

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