Snow Rock

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AcryFlex Acrylic
Semi-flexible thermo-acrylic
ClearFit Polyamide
Translucent flexible polyamide
FlexFit Nylon
Flexible thermo-nylon
Jet Flask plus Flexible Cylinder Set
Jet standard thermoplastic flask with flexible cylinder.
Jet Flask plus Heat-Cure Cylinder Set
Jet standard thermoplastic flask with heat-cure cylinder.
Jet Furnace Duo
Melts 6 cases simultaneously with two temperature zones.
Jet Washer Pro
Fully automatic steam boilout tank.
JetPAC Hybrid Injector
Injector compatible with JetPAC hybrid flask and jet flask.
JetPAC Hybrid Kit A
Inject heat-cure plus thermo-flexible resin.
JetPAC Hybrid Kit B
Inject heat-cure resin.
QuickBase Denture Base Resin
Heat-cure acrylic denture base resin
ResinSep Separator
Premium denture resin separator
RockWax Baseplate Wax
Rock solid baseplate wax for translucent flexible framework
TurboFix Base Set
Gingiva-shaded self-cure repair acrylic
TurboFix Tooth Set
Tooth-shaded self-cure repair acrylic
  • WC-1 Wax Carver
    The 1/2 Hollenback end is designed for carving full cast crowns. "A" carver end has a specially designed radius to form a 1.5 mm shelf on lingual bands and is ideal for carving perfect margins and interproximal areas on wax bridges.
  • Rim Former (autoclavable)
    The autoclavable Rim Former denture hot plate reduces the length of denture wax bite rims to establish ideal occlusal plane.
  • Papillameter
    A denture measuring instrument for the vertical distance between the alveolar ridge and the low and high lip line.
  • Ness Visual Dictionary
    The visual dental dictionary includes over 1,200 definitions, full-color illustrations and a reference section including pronunciation, variations of a term, and a cross-reference to related terms.