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Alma Gauge
Using the Alma Gauge, dentists can measure and record, on the removable plastic insert, the length and labial position of the anterior teeth as well as posterior tooth position on an existing denture.
Alma Gauge Sleeves
Includes 50 sleeves for use with the Alma Gauge
Rim Former (autoclavable)
The autoclavable Rim Former denture hot plate reduces the length of denture wax bite rims to establish ideal occlusal plane.
Post Dam Carver
The Post Dam Carver carves the 2mm post dam bead at the vibrating line and feathers the denture cast in the customary butterfly shape.
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Megatray Light Curing Tray Material, 50/box, Pink
Light curing wafers for custom impression trays and esthetic control baseplates. Has extended molding time and an easy-to-form consistency.
Denture Setup and Carving Wax
This tissue tone wax is used for the construction of the Esthetic Control Base and is most ideal for denture set-ups.
Occlusion Control Kit
The Occlusion Control Kit is designed to clearly establish the occlusal plane for upper and lower dentures.
Designed specifically for removing the air inhibitor layer on Megatray and is a superb cleaner for lab equipment. Gentle on hands.
Ball Bearing Bite Recorder Kit
Buy the Ball Bearing Bite Recorder Kit and use this simple, effective way to obtain a Gothic Arch Trace.
Ness Matrix Waxer
This double ended denture instrument has a) a heat reservoir used to quickly create natural looking interdental papillae and b) a sharp concaved spoon for precision carving and carrying wax.
Dental Wax Knife
This dental wax knife is designed for carrying wax and softening of the Esthetic Control Base when setting anterior teeth.
#7 Wax Spatula
Double ended denture spatula. Use for the teardrop interdental waxing of anterior teeth, and for carrying large amounts of wax.
Bow Compass
The bow compass is used when creating dentures.
The Alameter is used for selecting the correct size of Personality Molds for denture patients.
  • WC-1 Wax Carver
    The 1/2 Hollenback end is designed for carving full cast crowns. "A" carver end has a specially designed radius to form a 1.5 mm shelf on lingual bands and is ideal for carving perfect margins and interproximal areas on wax bridges.
  • Rim Former (autoclavable)
    The autoclavable Rim Former denture hot plate reduces the length of denture wax bite rims to establish ideal occlusal plane.
  • Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    For the first time, you can standardize your communication of all the features of posterior anatomy with the most commonly used definitions. This course has been used by our 1,700 laboratories world wide to get technicians and managers.
  • Simplifying Anterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    Developed for dental technicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists This course presents the fundamental information of anterior dental anatomy. Topics include the internal structure, anterior surface anatomy, and the 21 features of the a