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The PTC Anatomy Desk Reference has been a fixture in dental labs and dental offices world wide for over 30 years. During that time it has been redesigned four times.  Our latest revision is the culmination of customer requests and additions based on our latest Smile Design Program.

Through the years laboratory owners and dental technicians have used the Desk Reference as an anatomy teaching aid, a standard anatomical reference for the laboratory, and as a reference for waxing and contouring porcelain restorations.

This new version is 19 inches by 13 inches and is laminated with a thick 5 mil plastic.  In addition to having on the lab bench, it is suitable for framing or hanging on the lab wall as is.

Key Anatomical Features

Primary Anatomy

Posterior Teeth

  • Disectional Grooves
    • Central
    • Buccal
    • Lingual
  • Primary Planes
  • Pits

Anterior Teeth

  • Developmental Grooves
  • Lobes

Secondary Anatomy

Posterior Teeth

  • Secondary Grooves

Anterior Teeth

  • S Curve
  • Gingival Bulge
  • Imbrication Lines

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