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Anterior Anatomy and The Science of a Natural Smile TechMaster Module (1 DVD)
Covering anterior anatomy as you have never seen it before, learn the fundamental information that will take your ceramic restorations to the next level.
Dental Anatomy Reference Guide
This 19 inch by 13 inch laminated reference guide is the perfect start for establishing an esthetic standard in your laboratory.
PTC 3Shape Training
This is a license for PTC's 3Shape courses to use with the PTC Training App.
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PTC CAD/CAM Training
This is a license for PTC's 3Shape and exocad courses to use with the PTC Training App.
PTC exocad Training
This is a license for PTC's exocad courses to use with the PTC Training App.
TechGuide Workbook
This is a replacement workbook for use with the TechMaster training DVD.
The Science of a Natural Smile Online Course
This course is a study of the ten underlying esthetic components of all cosmetic restorations. Each esthetic component is studied with pictures, video, and examples using natural smiles.
Anterior Anatomy and the Science of a Natural Smile TechBook
Dramatically improve your ability to communicate clearly with dentists, technicians, assistants and other dental professionals on the subject of esthetics.
Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy TechBook
Gain certainty of each individual feature of posterior anatomy and increase your ability to produce beautiful posterior crowns and bridges in wax, composite or porcelain.
Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy TechMaster Module (1 DVD)
Learning posterior anatomy has never been easier. This DVD/Book module is the foundation all dental technicians must have to build a rock solid career.
Crown and Bridge Anatomical Waxing TechMaster Module (1 DVD)
Condensed and simplified, learn exactly what to do to make stunning, anatomically correct, full contour waxups.
Framework Design and Fabrication TechMaster Module (1 DVD)
Covering skills from consistently perfect margins, pontic placement and design, maximizing connector strength, to designing frameworks to avoid multiple porcelain firings, this module sets the stage for the entire porcelain department.
Anterior and Posterior Porcelain Application TechMaster Module (2 DVDs)
Covering the A to Z of how to build a bridge or single unit, start your training off or improve your existing skills.
Contouring Anterior Bridges TechMaster Module (1 DVD)
The Contouring Anterior Bridges module takes the mystery out of high quality, cosmetic restorations.
Contouring Posterior Bridges TechMaster Module (1 DVD)
Using model landmarks and measured markings, each contouring action is pre-determined, giving you the easiest and most streamlined procedure for contouring beautiful ceramic crowns.
Creating Natural Dentures TechMaster Module (4 DVDs)
One of our most comprehensive modules - learn the skills and exact steps for producing self-cleaning, esthetic, natural looking dentures.
  • WC-1 Wax Carver
    The 1/2 Hollenback end is designed for carving full cast crowns. "A" carver end has a specially designed radius to form a 1.5 mm shelf on lingual bands and is ideal for carving perfect margins and interproximal areas on wax bridges.
  • Rim Former (autoclavable)
    The autoclavable Rim Former denture hot plate reduces the length of denture wax bite rims to establish ideal occlusal plane.
  • Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    For the first time, you can standardize your communication of all the features of posterior anatomy with the most commonly used definitions. This course has been used by our 1,700 laboratories world wide to get technicians and managers.
  • Simplifying Anterior Dental Anatomy Online Course
    Developed for dental technicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists This course presents the fundamental information of anterior dental anatomy. Topics include the internal structure, anterior surface anatomy, and the 21 features of the a